Truly soundless & lureless Toontown

Ever thought of playing the entire game of Toontown without ever using sound or lure? Probably not, but now you have. If that sounds interesting to you as a fun challenge or just as a way to balance the game, then it is YOU that we are looking for to come play kiss-pie-storm-safe (KPSS) Toontown with us!


Kiss-pie-storm-safe is a self-imposed style of playing Toontown in which you make toons that are soundless AND lureless AND trapless. You may have heard of a toon missing multiple gag tracks referred to as a “semi”, and that’s where this style of play originates. KPSS takes this concept to a sort of extreme, such that you only ever play with other toons who are also soundless-lureless-trapless (at least, when it comes to anything involving cogs).

But, why?

To have fun. More specifically, the goals of KPSS are threefold:

Where can I find KPSS players?

Contact me if you are interested in playing KPSS Toontown.

I welcome anyone who’s got the guts to play KPSS!

How exactly is KPSS played?

To read more about KPSS, check out our “about” page.

I’m sold.

Awesome! Contact me and mention your interest in playing KPSS Toontown.

Hope to see you in-game!