Truly soundless & lureless Toontown

Ever thought of playing the entire game of Toontown without ever using sound or lure? Probably not, but now you have. If that sounds interesting to you as a fun challenge or just as a way to balance the game, then it is YOU that we are looking for to come play kiss-pie-storm-safe (KPSS) Toontown with us!

Gag combo table

Info about the gag combo table

This is an interactive table of gag combos that are useful in KPSS play. You can use this as a reference/cheatsheet, and it should hopefully be handy enough that you can use it while in battle in-game. Exactly which combos are included here is subject to some simplifying assumptions:

  • All cogs are assumed to be level 7 or higher. This is because cogs below level 7 have too few HP for this approach to be useful.
  • All cogs are assumed to be at 100% HP. This table only considers very simple strategies: ones that can be used to take a cog from 100% HP to less than 1 HP in a single round.
  • All cogs are assumed to be v1.0 cogs. Version 2.0 cogs are not handled specially here, although, of course, many of these combos will be useful against v2.0 cogs as well; you just have to use your judgement.
  • All toons are assumed to be maxed in all four KPSS gag tracks (toonup, throw, squirt, and drop).

The percentages beneath each combo indicate the probability that the entire combo will succeed (i.e. all gags in the combo hit their target). In cases where two percentages are given, the latter percentage — the one in purple — represents the effective probability that all of the gags in the combo hit, given that one toon uses a multi-target toonup gag (generally Bamboo Cane or Juggling Cubes). This probability includes outcomes in which all gags in the combo hit, but the toonup gag misses.

For each given cog level and number of gags, the combos are ordered — roughly — with more “preferable” combos towards the top. This preference does not take the accuracy into account very much; the actual accuracy can be situational, and the minimum acceptable accuracy is also situational. Instead, more “preferable” combos are those that do not drain the overall “power” of the group as much. Although the “power” of individual gags is also situational, the idea is that, over a long-run average, some gags are “worth” more than others (in some appropriate sense).

The gags within each combo are ordered from left to right in the order that they are actually used in-game. This means that certain tracks go before others (throw before squirt, squirt before drop); to break ties (in the case of multiple gags from the same track), gags are used in ascending order of the damage that each gag deals. This tie-breaking may not seem relevant, but it is semantically part of Toontown, because it has a large impact on how v2.0 cogs take damage (or don’t take damage, as the case may be…).

Max # of organic gags
Cog levels
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