Truly soundless & lureless Toontown

Ever thought of playing the entire game of Toontown without ever using sound or lure? Probably not, but now you have. If that sounds interesting to you as a fun challenge or just as a way to balance the game, then it is YOU that we are looking for to come play kiss-pie-storm-safe (KPSS) Toontown with us!

About KPSS gameplay

Gag tracks

KPSS players must be soundless AND lureless AND trapless. In practice, this usually means making an ordinary soundless toon, but without ever using/training your lure and trap gags. They remain at zero gag exp. We do allow leeway with respect to how much exp players have in gag tracks that they are supposed to be missing; as long as you do not have access to level 2 gags of a certain gag track, you are considered to be “missing” that track. A KPSS player does not stock up on gag tracks that they are missing (viz. from gag shops), the obvious exception being in preparation for the random gag-ups gained from the match-three golf puzzle in cog golf courses, since those are unavoidable. A KPSS player also obviously does not use gags from gag tracks that they are missing, unless by accident (although accidents of this kind are exceptionally rare in “semi” play anyways).

Other toons

KPSS players cannot fight any cog(s) with other toons that are not KPSS. Of course, any toon which naturally does not have access to any sound, lure, or trap gags (like a toon with 20 max-laff, for example) is essentially KPSS by accident, and thus KPSS players can fight cogs with them.

Additional rules

Some additional rules apply to KPSS play, and the official (“vanilla”) rules of KPSS are tentative at this point and are subject to change. For example, SOS cards that deal with any of the three forbidden tracks are not allowed for use in KPSS play, with the exception of Professor Pete (as he restocks “all gags”, not specifically any of the forbidden gag tracks). This includes both restock SOSs (e.g. Doctor Drift) and gag-using SOSs (e.g. Lil Oldman). In practice, this means shopping for SOSs, or simply discarding forbidden SOS cards directly after they are acquired.

Likewise, unites (from CFO) which deal with the forbidden gag tracks are also disallowed in KPSS play. In practice, this means using the unite right after acquiring it (viz. when talking to Mata Hairy at the end of the CFO) any time that unite is a forbidden one. Summons (obtained from CJ) and fires (obtained from CEO) may be used freely. Doodles may also be used freely.

Organic gags

KPSS toons, like ordinary toons, choose a single gag track that they want to make organic. In practice, KPSS play makes any of the four possible organic tracks (toonup, throw, squirt, and drop) viable. This is in contrast to ordinary play, where organic drop and especially organic toonup are frowned upon. KPSS players are encouraged to experiment, and to collaborate with other KPSS players in deciding which gags to plant.

Choosing gags in battle

Choosing gags is significantly more difficult in KPSS play than in normal play. As a result, you may have to change a number of things about the way you play the game. Toontown allows for 20 seconds of dedicated gag-picking time per round of battle. To make effective use of this 20-second timeframe, here are some things to consider: